the Hekimi LAB

the Hekimi LAB

Hekimi Lab: Industrial Applications

A number of insights that spring from our work have been applied in an industrial setting. Initially, from 1998 to 2008 by Chronogen Inc., a biotechnology drug-discovery company founded by Professor Hekimi, has used bacteria, worms, and mouse cells to screen for compounds. In particular, inhibitors of mammalian CLK-1 were found that were also able to alleviate age-dependent diseases, such as ischemia reperfusion damage and Alzheimer 's disease in animal models. In addition, by screening the rate of defecation in worms, compounds that modulate lipoprotein metabolism in vertebrate cells and in mice were identified. These assets are now being exploited further by other commercial entities. Currently, we are carrying out Research Agreements using C. elegans as a model to study the biological activity of various compounds on the aging processes, and are developing screens for compounds that can boost mitochondrial activity.

Hekimi Lab: Industrial Patents

WO2008014602-A1; EP2079699-A1; IN200900629-P1
New substituted 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives useful for treating e.g. cardiovascular diseases, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, pneumonia, arthritis, and hearing impairment. Inventors: HEKIMI S, MCBRIDE K, HIHI A K, et al.

WO2008058383-A1; EP1981493-A1; AU2007321667-A1
Composition, useful e.g. to prevent or reduce collagen deposition in a tissue and to treat or prevent scleroderma, keloids and hypertrophic scars, comprises an acyl-CoA:cholesterol O-acyltransferase inhibitor comprising e.g. avasimibe. Inventors: HEKIMI S, HIHI A K, BRANICKY R S, et al.

WO2006037224-A1; US2006088509-A1
New clk-1 -/- cell isolated from clk-1 heterozygous animal, useful for treating an oxidative stress disorder, e.g. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, or age-related disorder. Inventors: HEKIMI S, LIU X X, JIANG N, et al.

WO2004099770-A1; US2004265989-A1; AU2004236777-A1
New prokaryotic or eukaryotic test cell, useful for screening modulators of 2 polyprenyl-3-methyl-6-methoxy-1,4-benzoquinone hydroxylase activity. Inventors: HEKIMI S, HIHI A, NADEAU G, et al.

WO2004081231-A1; US2004216174-A1; AU2004220003-A1
Isolating a gene that modulates the level of a lipid or lipoprotein comprises subjecting nematodes comprising mutation in the clk-1 gene to mutagenesis. Inventors: HEKIMI S, SHIBATA Y, BRANICKY R

WO2003014383-A; WO2003014383-A2; EP1417485-A2
Screening for compound allowing survival of clk1 homozygous mutant vertebrate embryos useful for treating diabetes, Parkinson's/Alzheimer's disease by breeding heterozygous clk1 subjects to obtain clk1 homozygous mutant embryos. Inventors: HEKIMI S, HIHI A, LEVAVASSEUR F, et al.

WO2003012133-A; WO2003012133-A2; EP1412527-A2
New isp-1 or ctb-1 genes and ISP-1 or CTB-1 proteins, useful for altering a cellular physiological function involved in developmental rates, behavioural rates, and longevity, or production of reactive oxygen species. Inventors: FENG J, BUSSIERE F, HEKIMI S.

EP1325124-A; WO200198478-A; WO200198478-A2
Novel genes clk-2, cex-7 and coq-4 useful to alter function at level of cellular physiology involved in developmental rate, telomere length and longevity and to increase life span of multicellular organism. Inventors: HEKIMI S, BENARD C, MCCRIGHT B, et al.

WO9910482-A; EP1009813-A; WO9910482-A1
Molecular identity of the gro-1 gene - useful for cancer diagnosis and/or prognosis, and where compounds affecting encoded proteins are useful for enhancing longevity of a host and inhibiting tumor formation. Inventors: HEKIMI S, LAKOWSKI B, BARNES T, et al.

WO9817823-A; EP932701-A; WO9817823-A1
New Caenorhabditis elegans clk-1 gene - used to obtain human clk-1 sequence, useful for, e.g. cancer diagnosis. Inventors: HEKIMI S, EWBANK J, BARNES T, et al.

US Provisional application (61858274)
Mouse Model Providing A Method For Identifying Substances To Alleviate Ubiquinone Deficiencies. HEKIMI S. WANG Y.